5 Tips for Pilates Reformer Beginners

Have Patience

Results from reformer Pilates will come. Just remember that sessions add up to greater flexibility and strength over time.

Take it Easy

Listen to what your body tells you and let the benefits come slowly. Your body is not going to respond to over exertion.

Listen to your Teacher

Our teachers have vast experience and care totally for your wellbeing. Each teacher will access your body and your needs. The instruction you receive will be personal to you. There will be quite a lot to take in at first so please don’t hesitate to ask for repetition so you fully understand the process.

Be Honest with Yourself

Have a vision of what you would like to achieve and be honest in how you are going to achieve that vision. It takes many sessions, so remember regular consistent practice will get you to where you want.

Practice at Home

Go through what you’ve learned at home. Few of us have a reformer at home! But we can do some exercises on a mat and we can visulaise what our teacher has shown.

There are exercises we can do at home and when we’re out and about. Read what some of our Pilates teachers suggest.

Teacher Tips

Kastura Isobe

Angela Scott-Walker

Shelly Carter


Professional Medical Advice
Always take advice from your medical professional BEFORE embarking on a Pilates course.

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