Change Your Lifestyle with Reformer Pilates in Islington

You might have slipped into bad habits while juggling the demands of everyday life. For many people this could mean late nights, a few too many drinks and an over-reliance on quick, processed foods or takeaways combined with a lack of exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

It’s worth taking the time to overhaul your lifestyle and get yourself back on track whenever you become aware that your life is a little out of balance.

There are many exercise options on offer. This can be great for stopping yourself from getting bored, but it can also make it hard to distinguish what the best form of exercise might be for you.

Pilates Styles

Even with Pilates, there are a number of different styles. Pilates consists of two main types of exercise: mat-based exercises and equipment-based exercises.

With equipment-based Pilates exercises, the ‘Reformer’ — which looks a little like a bed frame packed with pulleys and springs — is one of the main pieces of equipment used.

With this type of Pilates, the equipment can look somewhat daunting, but it is easy to use. The Reformer uses a pulley and spring system to increase and decrease resistance and tension, which is why there are ropes and springs.

Meghan Markle

New types of workout using this type of equipment have been developed such as the ‘Megaformer’ Pilates method, which has reportedly been favoured by Meghan Markle.

Using this equipment can produce visible results in a fairly short period of time. These results may occur more quickly via equipment-based Pilates exercise than with mat-based Pilates. Regular workouts have been shown to result in fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is certainly a great choice when it comes to clean living and reforming your exercise routine. This type of Pilates is equally suitable for people returning to exercise as well as those who are simply looking to add something new to their workout regime.

As it works the body and the mind too, it is ideal for helping you to deal with the pressure and stresses of everyday life.

Pilates can be easily combined with other forms of exercise making it a popular choice with tennis players, runners, golfers and people who are already doing cardio exercise.



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