Let’s Get Physical – Reformer Pilates in Islington

Reformer Pilates in Islington

Most of us are now back from our summer holidays and it is time to return to Pilates and stay fit. We’re always delighted when regulars recommend Pilates Central to friends and family. But as you all know one thing to stress to newcomers is that it is not just about turning up.

“At the first session for new people our teachers will look at your job, lifestyle and medical history and tailor the session to that,” says Pilates Central manager Peter Ottevanger.

“Your teacher will fill out a form detailing any injuries you might have had, any operations, any history of say neck, knee or back problems,” continues Peter. “Once the form is completed we then go through it with the client and assess them, looking out for things like imbalances in posture, scoliosis and curvature of the spine. After that you’ll go for a one and a half hour session.

“We get all sorts of clients, ranging from people with no major issues, to those who have had a back problem for 50 years and those with severe scoliosis. But everyone who comes along will get a detailed individual assessment of just what they need from their sessions.”


If you think that this holistic approach might work for anyone you know, then please do recommend us.

Details of sessions at www.pilatescentral.co.uk or call 020 7288 8080 for a chat.

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