Many Clients Are Men – Pilates for Beginners to Advanced

At Pilates Central Men Enjoy Pilates for Beginners to Advanced Levels…

Many men feel put off by the myth that Pilates is not manly enough for them. Yet roughly a quarter of all Pilates Central clients have been male since we started the studio in 2004. What’s interesting is that the proportion is steadily growing. Over a third of our new clients are now male. Some days the studio contains as many men as women. Indeed, many couples attend together. Husbands and partners are most welcome. We offer Pilates for beginners through to advanced level.

From Daniel “007” Craig to David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Hugh Grant and Martin Amis, every male who’s any male now does Pilates.

The Myth…

Do you have the misconception that Pilates is slow, gentle, not really exercise and won’t alter the body in the way that other forms of exercise might?

The Reality about Pilates for Men?

There are many reasons why men should look to incorporate regular Pilates sessions into their fitness regime. Let’s break the misconception:

  • Number 1: Pilates was developed by a man! – Joseph Pilates created Pilates. You can read about him on our history of Pilates page. He was extremely body focused: both strength and image-wise.
  • Pilates develops muscle groups that are often neglected – Day to day the muscles you use the most become highly developed. Pilates allows you to also develop the muscles you use less. The outcome: a better balanced body.
  • Pilates develops that all important core – By working your transverse abdominal, you work the muscles under your six pack. This can only be good, right?
  • Improves flexibility – Pilates helps to stretch and lengthen muscle, which helps prevent injuries. It also increases flexibility.
  • Great for the mind too – The focus on breath requires you to be in the moment. Men that practice Pilates find they feel relaxed and refreshed after a session.
  • Many professional sportsmen choose to incorporate Pilates into their fitness routine.
  • Pilates transforms the body – it helps you to look taller, broader and leaner!
  • Tailored to the individual – Here at Pilates Central classes are completely geared to each individual. So if you are seeking Pilates for beginners, or you are already more advanced, we cater to all requirements.

If you are still in any doubt, why not pop along to the studio and come see the reality for yourself. We are always available for an informal chat either in person or over the phone. Click for our location and how to find us or to contact us.

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