Pilates and Pregnancy

We’re often asked if you can do Pilates when pregnant.

You should check with your doctor before doing any kind of exercise during pregnancy. However, Pilates tends to be particularly suitable for pregnant women, since it is a low-impact form of exercise that strengthens the back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles.

Discover Pilates

Many women first discover Pilates and become practitioners here either when they are pregnant or have just given birth.

The studio doesn’t offer separate classes for either pregnant women or new mothers. What we do instead is something much better and more tailored, which is to design a specific Pilates programme to meet the precise, individual needs of each woman.

You may need to do Pilates in a modified or gentler way while pregnant and to make sure you stop the moment that you feel any discomfort.

Tailored Pilates

A properly tailored Pilates programme, however, can be the ideal way to lessen or avoid the back-pain commonly experienced during late pregnancy and then to enable your body to regain its shape rapidly after birth.

Please visit our Pilates and Pregnancy page for more on antenatal and Postnatal Pilates. The page includes the Benefits of Pilates for Pregnancy, a handy table of the stages of pregnancy where Pilates can be performed.

Also included is an FAQ.

If you have any questions regarding your pregnancy and Pilates please see our contact page.

Pilates Classes for Pregnancy Page

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