Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

Pilates and Weight Loss –  Celebrity Practitioners

Pilates and weight loss. Can Pilates help you lose weight? Many celebrities have credited Pilates with helping them lose weight. They range from Jessica Biel, Jonah Hill and Liz Hurley to Holly Willoughby and Paloma Faith.

Burning calories is, of course, not the main focus of Pilates but Pilates can, nonetheless, be a surprisingly effective part of a weight-loss programme. This is especially true when Pilates is accompanied by adopting a holistic approach that includes healthy eating and some cardiovascular exercise.

Pilates and Paleo

Jessica Biel proves a perfect example of this strategy. She opts to combine Pilates with a paleo-style eating plan at the same time as doing other exercise, according to reports. This multi-faceted approach appears to work well.

One reason Pilates is such a great tool when losing weight is because it employs both bodyweight and resistance to strengthen, tone and burn calories. Your body continues to burn fat long after you have exercised, which can help you to shed the excess pounds.

Metabolically Active

Pilates strengthens not only your abdominal muscles but your other muscles too, which causes your metabolism to speed up. Muscle is metabolically active whereas fat is not. This change in your basal metabolic rate means that your body uses up more calories at rest.

Pilates also lengthens muscle and improves posture, which in turn tends to make you look longer and leaner. It can also tighten your waistline, even when you haven’t lost any weight on the scales. Many people love this benefit of Pilates because their whole body composition changes for the better.

Body Looks

This type of body toning and reconditioning can have a dramatic impact on the way your body looks and the way in which clothes fit you, even if you are not noticing significant weight loss. In fact, observing looser waistbands, zips that are easier to do up and clothes that hang better can be a good way of noticing changes without becoming fixated on the scales or reaching a certain number.

Physically being able to perform exercise may be quite difficult or daunting for those who are new to exercise, who are overweight or very out of shape. Pilates is an excellent way to kick start transforming the body because it can be adapted to suit each person’s individual circumstances in terms of current fitness level, health issues and any previous injuries.

This makes it an ideal exercise choice for people who are overweight and looking to lose weight, tone up and become fitter. Please contact us here at Pilates Central if you are interested in making these type of changes.





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