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Pilates Central is a short walk and even shorter bus ride from the Angel tube station on Islington High Street. So if you’re looking for pilates Angel Islington you’ve come to the right place!

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  • Our Pilates is custom-made, not one size fits all
  • Our teachers are at the top of their profession
  • Our Pilates helps clients with medical needs

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Benefits from Pilates

Pilates works the whole body and every day in the studio we get to see the many desirable benefits from Pilates that are experienced by our clients.  The following are five key benefits from Pilates that everyone can enjoy:

1. Tones and Sculpts

The Pilates Reformer machine adds resistance and light weights to create a powerful workout. This helps to develop a strong, lean figure rather than short, bulky muscles. Pilates exercises affect posture by improving spinal alignment and lengthening the body. The awareness of correct posture developed while carrying out the exercises is a benefit that continues outside the studio. These combined elements help to tone and sculpt your body in a flattering way while ensuring that you carry yourself well. You not only look leaner and have defined muscle, but appear taller too.

2. Strengthens Your Core

An essential part of exercising on a Pilates Reformer machine is proper form and technique. This requires the use of your core muscles, particularly in the abdomen and lower back. The exercises performed on the Pilates reformer machine naturally engage and condition these muscles. The result is increased core strength and stability, both of which aid in preventing future injuries.

3. Gentle Yet Challenging

Pilates is used as part of injury rehabilitation in physical therapy making it a gentle and safe workout option. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The workout can be as intense as is individually appropriate for you. Pilates is customised to you, so it is ideal if you are wishing to improve your body condition and increase your athleticism.

4.  Improves Your Breathing

A Pilates workout requires proper breathing, which helps your circulation. This is good for overall bodily health as it increases the flow of oxygen rich blood to your extremities. Over time, the emphasis on breathing that is taught in Pilates also helps to increase your lung capacity. You will find yourself breathing more efficiently during your Pilates workout,  as well as when performing other exercise and in normal daily life.

5. Increases Flexibility

Our Pilates courses help you to naturally increase your flexibility. This is because exercises on the Pilates reformer ensure that your muscles move through a full range of motion. By doing this, the Pilates workout also improves the mobility of your joints. The outcome is a more supple body, which is highly desirable for all age groups, but is especially useful as you age. Pilates reduces the risk of injury by developing a body that is strong, balanced and flexible.

If you are are based in or around Angel Islington, N1 and are searching for a Pilates studio, then Pilates Central would love to help you. We are a state-of-the-art Pilates studio, situated five minutes from Angel tube station, in the heart of Islington.

Whether you are new to Pilates or looking to recommence your Pilates workouts, call us for an informal chat about how your body could benefit from working out at Pilates Central.

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