Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

We all know that keeping our New Year resolutions is not always easy. These are the highlights from a useful article in the Evening Standard that we thought would help. The link to the whole article is below.

‘February is when the going gets tough. It’s now that you must flex some real muscle, to invoke real willpower to get some actual hustle going. This is how to go the distance. ‘

Here are the four points the article makes:

1. Switch it up

For reformer Pilates, this means carrying out your régime in a new way, substitute exercises that work for the same muscle groups. Ask your teacher for ideas. Book a different day or practice at a different time can also make your training feel fresh.

2. Buddy up

Bring your buddy to Pilates Central for a session and go with your buddy to their exercise of choice. Then you can both appreciate the others exercise of choice and learn from each other.

3. Refocus your purpose

Don’t put off your Pilates. Tomorrow won’t do, best do it today. Pilates isn’t just the physical but also involves breathing and how you hold yourself throughout the day. Read about the components of classic Pilates here.

4. Be realistic

After your good intentions during January you’ll be a lot more aware of how realistic your ambition has been and now you can plan consistent healthy practice for the whole year.

Attached to being realistic is having attainable goals. Can you measure your goals in terms of your exercises? To be fitter? That’s rather general. Can you measure your stretches or set yourself a time to walk to the train station or the number of press-ups you can do?

Taken from the Evening Standard article ‘How to keep your new year’s resolutions after January’ by Phoebe Luckhurst

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