Pilates Classes Fitted Around Your Individual Needs in Islington

At Pilates Central, Islington we understand that finding the time and motivation to workout can be difficult. So our approach to equipment-based Pilates offers you the flexibility of visiting the studio at a time and frequency that suits you.

We have extended opening hours and offer both group and private sessions. For many people, this approach is a lot easier and less stressful than trying to find the time to attend a weekly class at a fixed time.

The Personal Touch

The personal touch is important. It’s believed that one of the reasons people often give up on a resolution to get fit is because they do not have human interaction while at the gym or fitness studio. At Pilates Central, you are supervised by a qualified Pilates teacher, who will help you to succeed and stick to your goals.

Tailored Pilates

If you decide to attend a group session, the experience is still entirely tailored to you. We ensure that everyone who comes to the studio is given a unique, individually-customised programme to suit his or her needs.

Bespoke Approach

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and group classes are not based on one set of goals. We have found that our bespoke approach allows you to get the most benefit from sessions while also ensuring you have a stress-free and fun experience.

Regular Sessions

You may choose to attend anywhere from once a week through to every day. Usually, we suggest that twice a week is a good option for most people and produces positive benefits fairly quickly. So within ten sessions, you would be expected to feel a difference to when you started.


You are also encouraged to do a little Pilates at home each day, although this only needs to be a few minutes if you are able to find the time.

At Pilates Central, we will work with you to help you achieve the most from your visits.

Give us a call, we’re a friendly bunch.



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