Pilates Classes for Pregnancy in Islington

Everything you need to know about Private Pilates Lessons

Pilates Central offers Pilates classes for pregnancy in Islington. Our classes are for women at various stages of pregnancy as well as during the postnatal period. Indeed, many clients first come to us when they are pregnant or have just given birth – and find Pilates a huge help.

Many women also contact us with questions about Pilates and pregnancy. This page seeks to answer the questions that we most often receive. If you have further questions or want to start a session, please contact us.

You can phone us on 020 7288 8080 or email us at Islington@pilatescentral.co.uk

Maternity Pilates

Some mothers-to-be are cautious about exercising during pregnancy due to concerns about harming the baby.

In fact, the NHS advises that: “Exercise is not dangerous for your baby – there is some evidence that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labour.” It also specifically recommends that pregnant women do exercises that strengthen their stomach and pelvic floor ­– both things that Pilates does well.

The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) also recommends Pilates as a good mind/body workout during pregnancy.

Antenatal Pilates

Exercise during pregnancy is a crucial part of keeping active and dealing with your changing shape and weight. Antenatal Pilates is an excellent way of keeping fit and in-shape throughout pregnancy, while also helping the body prepare for the physical demands of labour.

Postnatal Pilates

In the postnatal period, many mothers have concerns about dealing with a baby belly and regaining their pre-pregnancy body. A postnatal Pilates workout is the ideal way to start addressing these concerns by changing the shape of the body as well as building strength.

Pregnancy Classes?

Pilates Central does not have specific pregnancy Pilates classes. Instead, classes are individually tailored to meet the needs of every client, including expectant mothers and/or those who have recently given birth. Classes are available seven days a week and start (almost) every half hour on the half hour. You simply book whatever time suits you. Check out our times and prices here.

Pilates Benefits for Pregnancy

Pilates is an ideal choice for women seeking a prenatal workout or looking to start postpartum exercise. Pilates is low-impact, meaning it is particularly suitable for pregnant women, since it puts minimal, if any, a strain on joints.

Pilates targets areas of specific concern during the pre- and postnatal periods. such as the entire back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles.

By targeting the stomach muscles, Pilates improves the body’s ability to cope with the growing weight of the baby. The pelvic floor, meanwhile, provides support to organs in the lower abdomen, one of which is the uterus. Pilates helps women to contract and release the pelvic floor muscles, which helps with supporting those organs, giving birth and preventing incontinence. As the baby grows in the uterus, the abdomen essentially stretches and loosens to make room. This can cause round ligament pain, as well as issues with the lower back and hips. Pilates works on stabilising and strengthening these areas.




Pregnancy and Pilates Table

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Pilates And Pregnancy

Q. Is it OK to do Pilates in early pregnancy?

A. You should check with your doctor before doing any kind of exercise during pregnancy. Provided that your doctor has given you the go-ahead, Pilates offers safe, low-impact exercise suitable for pregnant women, both during the first trimester and beyond.

Q. Is it safe to do reformer Pilates when pregnant?

A. Yes. Once past the first trimester, pregnant women may need to exercise at a lower intensity. There are also modifications to doing Pilates reformer exercise during pregnancy, which may be required by pregnant women in the second and third trimester.

Our teachers at Pilates Central will take this into account when preparing an individual Pilates reformer workout tailored to your needs.

Q. Do you have separate/specialist classes for Pilates and pregnancy?

A. No, we don’t have separate classes for pregnant women. The way that we operate at Pilates Central is by tailoring bespoke workouts to meet the individual needs of every client, pregnant or otherwise. This means that you come and do a Pilates session at any time and our highly trained teachers will tailor the type and intensity of exercises that you do to meet your specific needs at whatever stage of pregnancy or postnatal period you have reached.

Q. Do you have any specialist advisors for pregnancy / post-pregnancy Pilates?

A. No. All our instructors have the training and ability to tailor a Pilates workout suitable for you at every stage of your pregnancy or post-pregnancy period.

Q. Can I have a private class on pregnancy and Pilates?

A. Yes, private classes are available. As with non-private classes, the Pilates Central teacher taking such a class will tailor your Pilates workout to meet your individual needs at any/every stage of your pregnancy and postnatal period.

Q. I would like to start Pilates after having a caesarean section. Do any of your instructors specialise in this area?

A. We don’t have any teachers who specialise in Pilates following a caesarean section. Providing that you have the all-clear from your doctor to start exercise, all our teachers are able to adapt and tailor a Pilates workout to suit your individual requirements.

Q. When are classes available and how many people are there in a session?

You can find opening times on our times and prices page. Sessions start (almost) every half-hour on the half-hour and last for up to 90 minutes. You simply book whatever time suits you.

Up to four clients start their session at any one time but each follows her/his own bespoke programme.

The studio typically has between five and 10 clients exercising at any one time. Beginners tend to receive almost individual attention from teachers.

Get In Touch

To discuss how Pilates may help you with your pregnancy and fitness needs during or after pregnant pregnancy, please contact us.

Phone us on 020 7288 8080 or email us at Islington@pilatescentral.co.uk

Disclaimer – Best Advice

Please note: Our teachers at Pilates Central are highly trained in teaching Pilates but are not medically trained and can only offer their best advice. You should always refer your health queries to your doctor or other suitably qualified medical practitioners.

For a guide to Pilates please visit the NHS website.