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Pilates for Beginners Angel Islington

Pilates Central is a short bus ride from the Angel tube station on Islington High Street. So if you’re looking for a pilates for beginners in Islington you’ve come to the right place!

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  • Our Pilates is custom-made, not one size fits all
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Pilates For Beginners

Pilates is suitable for virtually anyone, regardless of your age or fitness level. It is also equally beneficial for both men and women. Each exercise programme is tailored to your individual ability and requirements, ensuring it is safe and appropriate for you.

If you fit into the over 40s, over 50s or even the over 60s age group, then there are some specific benefits you may derive from a Pilates workout.

Pilates for the Over 40s and 50s

Life is busy and stressful for many middle-aged people. Perhaps you also have a desk-based job and use the car to commute to work. If so, you may find that you are living a very sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is often to blame for musculoskeletal problems and pain. Frequently, desk-based workers complain of upper back and neck pain from hunching over their workstations. Other people struggle with lower-back pain or problems with repetitive strain injuries. These painful conditions may be aided by regular Pilates exercises.

The exercise method naturally addresses poor posture and atrophying muscles. It can also be adjusted to take into account current injuries or specific concerns. A regular Pilates workout will help you to walk, sit and stand correctly. By strengthening and toning little used muscles, Pilates not only makes you stronger and fitter, but it helps with maintaining good posture too.

If your life is hectic and often stressful, the breathing required in Pilates will help you to breathe better. This, coupled with the concentration and focus required to perform Pilates exercises, will help you to de-stress. As a result, you may find that you sleep better too.

Pilates for the Over 60

As Pilates addresses many of the key issues you face as you age, it is particularly suitable for people aged 60 and over. The benefits of Pilates for the over 60s include:

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Circulation
  • Mental Well-being

You want to be as mobile and flexible as you can, for as long as possible. The Pilates exercises practised in a typical Reformer session help to promote flexibility, while also building strength. Reformer Pilates encourages you to gain physical awareness of how your muscles and joints function and move. This is an essential part of how you balance and should help to decrease the risk of falling. All these elements are key to maintaining your mobility and retaining independence.

In addition, not only does Pilates work more obviously on your muscles and joints, but it has inner-body benefits too. For the over 60s Pilates enthusiast, the emphasis on breathing aids with circulation. A regular Pilates workout helps to keep your mind focused and typically has a positive effect on your mental well-being too.

Here at Pilates Central in Islington, N1, we offer beginners Pilates courses for all ages including the over 40s, 50s and 60s. Whatever your experience or age, call us to discuss your options. You will be warmly welcomed.