Pilates for Horse Riding

Looking for Information About Horse Riding and Pilates? Read on…

As with other sports, a growing number of horse riders are looking for information about Pilates online and wondering whether to add Pilates as part of their fitness regime. We find Pilates complements horse riders well, mainly because the work in the Pilates studio helps their riding technique. Pilates helps to build core strength, suppleness, flexibility, grace and balance, as well as to improve general body awareness. All these elements are extremely beneficial for horse riders are they are key to riding well and developing good posture in the saddle.

The Perfect Riding Position

The perfect riding position is called the ‘classical seat’. This requires the rider to sit in such a way that each part of the body rests on the part directly below it. In doing so, it enables the weight of the rider to reach the horse in a straight line. This minimises discomfort to the horse, while giving security and comfort to the rider. It also helps the rider to guide the horse with ease and efficiency. Done well, human and horse can work as one.

What Type of Pilates Programme Is Suitable for Horse Riders?

Horse riders do not need a Pilates regime especially for riders. In fact a general Pilates programme will develop the necessary postural alignment and balance required. In addition to this, specific exercises can enhance the ability to move one body part – say, the legs – without the need for major readjustment of the hips and torso, if needed. Here at Pilates Central in North London, we are able to provide just such a programme to all our clients. We individually tailor our classes to accommodate each client’s requirements. So horse riders and other athletes/sportspeople are well catered for and do not need to seek a special class.

Why Pilates Is So Suited to Horse Riders

Since a rider must cope with a horse moving both vertically and horizontally, core strength is vital, as is resilience within the body to maintain the ‘classical seat’.

Betsy Steiner, a former member of the United States Dressage Team, is just one riding trainer who recommends Pilates. In fact, she includes a Pilates programme in her book, ‘A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body And Spirit’, and advises riders of all levels to do Pilates three times a week.

Interested in trying Pilates out? Then why not give us a call using the telephone number on our contact page. Alternatively perhaps you may wish to pop into the studio for an informal chat about how we may help you. You can find our address and directions on the location page. We’d love to show you how Pilates can help you develop a better riding position.

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