Pilates for Running

Are you a runner who is interested in Pilates for back pain or to prevent injuries?

Here at Pilates Central we cater to all types of runners. Runners do Pilates most of all because it builds long, strong muscles, improves their flexibility and lessens their risk of injury. The way that Pilates opens up the vertebrae in the lower back, in particular, helps prevent the sort of back injuries which can result from the constant impact involved in running. In fact many of our clients visit us because they have heard of the benefits of utilising Pilates for back pain.

Why running and Pilates naturally go well together

Running and Pilates, however, also complement each perfectly at what might called a deeper, philosophical level.

Good runners run tall. They don’t hunch, lean, push with their hips or tighten through the neck and shoulders. They avoid pounding the ground with every stride. Their movement is smooth and light. There is both an economy and an integrity to their form.

Good runners pay attention. Instead of seeing a run as an excuse to zone out with the iPod, they see it as a chance to develop their kinaesthetic awareness. For example, they see it as an opportunity to:

  • Explore the feel of their feet on the ground how balanced their head is on the neck and spine
  • Examine whether a mild ache in their leg has caused them to run more heavily than they would wish
  • Observe whether their ankles and knees are releasing in sequence
  • Notice how their breathing patterns have changed as the workload becomes more demanding

This approach makes running as much a mental activity as a physical one – very much like Pilates.

Just as you arrive at Pilates Central with an expectation that the session ahead will be a process of learning and discovery, so a run should be viewed as an act of creativity. For example: staying present, responding intelligently to the situation, finding alternative ways to achieve your goal. Every run is different – just like every Pilates class. The outcome is similar too. You finish feeling refreshed and de-stressed.

To find out for yourself how similar running and Pilates are, why not stop by the studio and find out about your classes? We would love to show you how we work. You can visit our location page for how to find us, or alternatively call us for a quick chat.

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