Pilates for Skiing and Snowboarding

Have you booked a ski trip? You should now be looking for: Pilates classes near me!

It is a familiar story: you book your skiing or snowboarding holiday and eagerly look forward to it. Yet after a first day of enthusiastic snowplow turns, you need a forklift truck to winch yourself back out again. Most of us who ski and only take to the slopes once a year experience this phenomenon. Unfortunately it can really affect your enjoyment of the long-awaited trip. So next time, as soon as you book your trip, if not before, you should be Googling: Pilates classes near me. In fact, now you’ve found us, you don’t even need to do that! Just read on, if you need persuading how Pilates can help you avoid this problem in the future.

So why does it happen?

If you are wondering why this happens, it’s because so-called ‘ski fitness’ classes offered by some fitness establishments target the major muscle groups, particularly in the legs. Unfortunately, they overlook the core muscles that help to maintain the dynamic, balanced posture. This posture is essential for safe and efficient skiing.

‘Most skiers overtax their big muscles because they haven’t learned how to use their core muscles,’ says Caroline Lalive, the Olympic downhill racer.

Pilates & Cardiovascular Exercise

Pilates is not designed to address the cardiovascular demands of skiing. In order to meet them, you need to do also regular aerobic training. It is tiredness due to decreased fitness levels that results in loss of concentration and increases the risk of an accident.

Instead, Pilates challenges the deep abdominal muscles to support the core. This creates a strong, flexible, resilient structure. The core-factor is essential to coping with the simple fact of having solid objects strapped to the feet that, for beginners, don’t always go in the direction you want them to. It also helps counteract the twists and turns of the slope, and improves the ability to get up unscathed when you take a tumble. So Pilates classes should be used in addition to your regular cardio workout.

For advanced skiers, activating the body’s stabilising muscles helps maintain balance and poise at greater speed or off-piste – so, not only will you feel like Bode Miller with the breeze in your hair, you might even look like him, too. Helping to maintain your balance at a greater speed should also help you to avoid injuries.

How can Pilates Central help me before I depart?

Searching for Pilates classes near me? Find out about Pilates Central’s classes and opening times on our times and prices page. We are based in Islington near Angel tube, and are open seven days a week, with classes scheduled daily. If you would like to informally discuss how we might be able to help you before your next winter ski or snowboarding trip, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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