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Pilates Central is a short bus ride from the Angel tube station on Islington High Street. So if you’re looking for a pilates studio in Islington you’ve come to the right place!

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5 Little Known Facts About Pilates

Although Pilates is now more widely known about, there are still a surprising number of people who have never even heard of it. Regardless of whether you can tell your Pilates Reformer from your Pilates band, we have compiled five informative facts about Pilates, which you may be interested to know.

1. Pilates Was Originally Called Contrology

Joseph Pilates was the creator of Pilates, yet, during his lifetime the form of exercise we now know of as Pilates was actually called Contrology. It wasn’t until after his death in 1967 that this system of exercise became known as the Pilates Method. The name Contrology originated from the concept: the art of control. Pilates believed that the person performing the exercise should be in constant control of their body movement. This control helped to keep the exercises safe and prevent injuries.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Pilates is less about how much you do each session and more about employing the proper method for executing each movement. At the same time as performing the movement correctly it should be combined with the correct breathing. This ensures you derive maximum benefit from each exercise. As there is a real art to Pilates, an expert instructor is key to exercising efficiently and safely.

3. Pilates Is Only For Women

A popular misconception is that Pilates isn’t really suitable for men. This is simply untrue as many elite sportsmen choose to incorporate Pilates into their training programmes. Perhaps you are an avid golfer or skier; spend many hours desk-bound and sedentary; or suffer from a specific musculoskeletal problem such as lower or upper back pain. In all these cases, Pilates has something to offer you regardless of your gender. Men who use Pilates as part of their regular workout regime notice positive functional and aesthetic changes.

4. Pilates Is Popular in Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates is an extremely effective tool in injury rehabilitation. In fact, its popularity amongst physical therapists appears to be steadily growing. Part of its appeal is its inherent adaptability. Instructors are able to completely tailor Pilates exercises to the injured person. This includes being able to choose from basic to advanced movements according to the degree of injury and the person’s rate of progress. If you have an injury, it is important to find an instructor who has the training and expertise to work with injury rehabilitation.

5. Pilates Helps to Keep Your Mind Healthy

The holistic nature of Pilates means it is a total mind and body workout. The concentration required to execute the movements and the focus on controlling your breathing are both positive benefits from Pilates. You will also reap the usual benefits from exercising such as increased endorphins, stress release, and better sleep due to expending energy.

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