Pilates Studio Safety Measures

Pilates Central Studio Safety

We wanted to outline all the safety measures we now have in place for you and our teachers. See our safety measures video here.

Please Arrive Promptly

Please arrive promptly for your lesson. We will be taking your temperature on arrival and before you enter the studio proper.

Studio Pods

The studio has been divided into ‘pods’. These are self contained exercise stations featuring hand sanitisers along with cleaning equipment. In affect you will be in your own sanitised ‘bubble’ for the duration of your appointment.

Hand Sanitiser

The studio has installed extra hand sanitiser dispensers around the studio.


We would ask that you all bring your own protective masks, we do have some if you forget though! But not a limitless supply.

Post Session Cleaning

We would ask you to wipe down the equipment you have used and dispose of the paper towels in the bins provided. Each pod is equipped with cleaning supplies and a covered bin.

New Extended Opening Hours

Please take note of our new extended opening hours by clicking this link. In affect we are open all day, every day with a break, when the studio is closed, between 2pm and 3pm.

Take care and we hope to see you in the studio soon,

Peter Ottevangar
Studio Manager
Pilates Central

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