Private Pilates Lessons Islington

Everything you need to know about Private Pilates Lessons

Pilates Central

Pilates Central is a long-established Pilates studio offering private Pilates lessons in Islington, North London.

Our Teachers

We offer teachers at the top of their game in one-to-one private lessons in our dedicated space on the first floor of the studio. All our teachers have a physical movement background and have many years of experience.

Assessment & Registration

When you start our private lessons in our light and airy space, we’ll take you through a short and thorough assessment and registration. This will be followed by a postural evaluation.


We’ll ask you for some basic medical history with a particular focus on back, neck, or joint problems. You may have had or are about to undergo some form of operation. It will be useful to have this information to gauge your current ability and to tailor your Pilates lessons exactly to your needs.

We can also integrate your Pilates lessons with exercises specific to any other sporting or fitness endeavours you may be undertaking. Pilates exercises complement all sports, especially those that put pressure on your joints like running, cycling, racket sports and cricket.

One-to-One Tuition Value

When you book a private Pilates lesson you can be assured of a highly personalised lesson.

The value of one-to-one tuition includes

Individual Pilates plan

It’ll get you to know your body more personally and in-depth benefiting your physical and mental health.

Detailed supervision

Meaning you will be safe from injury and be able to perform the exact movements accurately, thus accelerating your progress.

Private Pilates for everyone

No matter your current skill level and experience private Pilates teachers will enable you to get the most out of every lesson.

Enrich your Pilates understanding

All with a view for you to reach your balanced body. Which brings all manner of benefits in everyday life.

Injury recovery

If you have an injury, recovering from an operation or are pregnant your teacher will be on hand to take extra care of every movement.


Working out in a crowded gym is not for everyone. Privacy is important for many and even Pilates in our main studio may be off-putting. Our private studio means it is just you and your teacher getting the most from every lesson.

Pilates Equipment

Our private space is equipped with the very latest reformer / Cadillac, plus accessories. This is the top of the range machine. All of our machines are cleaned and maintained on a strict schedule.

Booking private Pilates lessons

It’s easy to book, pop into the studio on Gaskin Street Islington or call the studio: 020 7288 8080. If we can’t pick up the call, it means we’re teaching! Please leave a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.


A brief history of Pilates

oseph Pilates is the founder of this popular fitness routine. Joe was born in Germany and eventually settled in America via the UK. Did you know he was a circus performer, a boxer and a body-builder?

Joe took his many years of experience to design his regime. He also studied disciplines like yoga and tai chi and the movement of animals.

Joe, as a German national, was interned during World War I on the Isle of Man. During his time on the island, he worked to progress his ideas and formulate them into a system. It is also said that the other internees were kept free from illness (the Spanish Flu) and left their internment healthier than when they entered.

The first Pilates studio

Joe opened his first studio in New York in the 1920s. At this time Pilates was known as ‘Controlology‘. The system was a great hit with dancers. Famous dancers like Martha Graham were early devotees.

Joe liked to quote Schiller: ‘it is the mind itself which builds the body’.

Which tells you a great deal about his philosophy. The mind is as important as the body.