“I recommend Pilates Central unreservedly… The teachers are uniformly knowledgeable, skilled, gentle and friendly.

“I’m 69, with a body carrying many traces of rugby, skiing and boxing “impacts”.

“What made me start Pilates was a lower back problem. I’ve suffered it five or six times before but never so long or badly as this time… No way could I play golf. I am a saxophonist and playing was very painful. In fact, everything was painful.

“I decided I must find a way of (a) completely getting rid of the problem and (b) preventing it happening again. Pilates appeared to be the answer. I thought this because I’d read a lot about it, but mainly because a friend went from being air-ambulanced from Africa to the UK, being unable to walk due to her back being so painful, to horse riding every day, largely by practising Pilates.”