Pilates Benefits at Pilates Central – Testimonials

Don’t take it from us. Hear the benefits of Pilates and Pilates Central direct from our clients…

We could go on for hours about the wonders of Pilates and of Pilates Central but it’s far better if you hear direct from our clients what they have to say. Below you can watch a testimonial video – and then further down the page read more testimonials from individual clients.

  • “All the teachers at Pilates Central inspire confidence.

    “I have found the classes hugely beneficial. Physically, I feel stronger, fitter and more flexible and have twice the energy I had before. I also find I have a clearer mind and better sleep: the calming, balancing effects of Pilates are in a league of their own.

    “All the teachers at Pilates Central inspire confidence. They approach the work in individual ways, but share in common a great depth of knowledge, experience and professionalism.”

    Amanda Parker
  • “I recommend Pilates Central unreservedly… The teachers are uniformly knowledgeable, skilled, gentle and friendly.

    “I’m 69, with a body carrying many traces of rugby, skiing and boxing “impacts”.

    “What made me start Pilates was a lower back problem. I’ve suffered it five or six times before but never so long or badly as this time… No way could I play golf. I am a saxophonist and playing was very painful. In fact, everything was painful.

    “I decided I must find a way of (a) completely getting rid of the problem and (b) preventing it happening again. Pilates appeared to be the answer. I thought this because I’d read a lot about it, but mainly because a friend went from being air-ambulanced from Africa to the UK, being unable to walk due to her back being so painful, to horse riding every day, largely by practising Pilates.”

    Alex Van Rose, Musician
  • “The thing about Pilates is that it works.

    “Two years ago I first walked into Pilates Central in Islington. It suited me – a bad-back sufferer – because it was barely used and I could drop in at short notice and be guaranteed a berth to do my exercises.

    “Now the studio is packed, often with more men than women. What unites us is that we are all there for medical reasons – from bad backs to whiplash injuries – with vanity being a lower priority.

    “The thing about Pilates is that it works. Like my studio mates, I’m saving the health service a fortune…”

    Charlotte Ross, writing in The (London) Evening Standard
  • “I recommend Pilates Central to anyone and everyone.

    “I have been going to Pilates Central for three years now. I go two or three times a week and it always makes me feel better. The main other things I get from attending are better posture, alignment and awareness.

    “The teachers are all trained to the same high standard and are focused on ensuring that each individual gets the most from their experience. All of the teachers are, in their different ways, really supportive – and challenging.

    “The difference between a mat class and Pilates Central is that you have individual attention and your technique is ensured.

    “I would, and do, recommend Pilates Central to anyone and everyone.”

    Margaret Harley
  • “Not just very professional but warm, personal and tailored to your needs.

    “I wanted to improve my bad posture and a friend suggested Pilates. Even during the initial assessment at Pilates Central I felt immediately in good hands and the benefits were obvious after a few sessions. Pilates Central is not just very professional and accommodating but also very warm, personal and tailored to your needs. (You even get a massage and hand-warming service thrown in occasionally!). Although I live in deepest South-West London and travel 50 minute each way, it is worth every minute of my time.”

    Ilka Rauch
  • “I can honestly say that Pilates has tripled my energy level.

    “For 16 years I have done Pilates wherever I am in the world. In Islington I attend Pilates Central, and I can honestly say that Pilates has tripled my energy level.”

    Sian Phillips, actor
  • “Top-of-the-range equipment… Incredibly knowledgeable teachers.

    “Pilates Central offers a unique experience; unlike in a group Pilates class, you can tailor your session to your exact needs. You get to use top-of- the-range equipment under the watchful eye of incredibly knowledgeable teachers. I love it and have noticed an immediate improvement in the way I feel.”

    Milly Ayliffe
  • “I cannot recommend Pilates Central highly enough…

    “…It has a quiet ease and elegance that belies its superb professionalism. The exercises are overseen by gentle and encouraging staff – exercises that really make a difference to weight, muscle-tone and well-being. I know what I am asking for and giving for Christmas; something that is a life-enhancing gift: pilates at Pilates Central.”

    Jenny Littlewood