Who Benefits from Pilates? Pilates is for All!

From combating ageing to pain-averting lower back exercises…

Pilates offers something for everyone. It is still popular with dancers, gymnasts and athletes, but it is equally suitable for most men and women. From nine to 90 and beyond, it truly suits all. In fact, some people are surprised that almost a third of our clients are male. Many of our clients come to us because of back pain and benefit from learning lower back exercises. Whereas other clients want to change their shape or improve their flexibility.

Pilates is particularly suitable for…

  • The middle-aged and elderly
  • The desk-bound and inactive
  • The pregnant and post-natal
  • Those needing Pre- and post-operative strengthening
  • Those referred by their doctor, physio, osteopath, chiropractor or other practitioner

And for those who suffer…

  • Back pain, back-ache and other back problems
  • Scoliosis/curvature of the spine
  • Poor posture and rounded shoulders
  • Neck and shoulder pains or problems
  • Stiffness, joint pains and muscle pains, whether caused by arthritis/ osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia or other health problems
  • Injuries: sports injuries and others
  • RSI
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Whiplash
  • Stress

So how does Pilates help such a wide range of problems and age groups?

Pilates focuses on the whole body and works on strengthening the core. In doing so, the knock-on effect to the rest of the body is immense. Pilates offers a holistic fitness approach to a number of concerns. Not only does it help to relieve current body imbalances in terms of muscle and bone problems, but it helps to prevent future ones from developing. As we age this is really important. The lengthening and strengthening aspect of Pilates helps to keep people supple. Again this is another important aspect of combating the ageing process. The positive result of the internal, and invisible, aspect of Pilates’s benefits is that your shape changes to become leaner and you also develop a better posture. So ultimately you not only feel better, but look better too.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you are too old, as these benefits are not isolated to a specific age group! They can be achieved by anyone who is prepared to dedicate themselves to regularly attending Pilates classes at Pilates Central. To find out more about attending the studio and how we can help you to achieve the results you have been reading about, give us a call. You can find our telephone number on our contact page.

For answers to more frequently asked questions, please see our FAQs page.

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