Why Reformer Pilates Should be part of your Overall Fitness Regime

Pilates makes an ideal choice as part of an overall fitness regime since it complements many other types of exercise and sport so well. You might already be doing cardio, weightlifting, a dance class, or playing a sport. By adding Pilates to the mix you’ll find yourself reaping many new benefits.

Pilates for All Sports

Pilates is suitable for everyone from people who are new to exercise through to all types of sportsmen and women, as well as cyclists, horse-riders, dancers and those who attend the gym. This is because it works the whole body. It builds muscles and improves flexibility and posture, which in turn helps to prevent future injury.

Variety really is the spice of life if you like to keep fit and active. With the number of fitness options on offer you no longer need to stick to one type of exercise. This is great news for those find that they become bored or demotivated by sticking to one exercise option.

Inspire Yourself

Trying something new, like Pilates, can be a good way of reviving your flagging enthusiasm for exercise. Another bonus is that you may find that Pilates targets new and different parts of your body, yielding new benefits.

Pilates Reformer

Reformer Pilates of the kind offered by Pilates Central presents an additional challenge compared to mat-based Pilates. The reformer machine builds your strength and muscles as well as stretching you further via the springs, which provide additional resistance. So, for example, you might find yourself using that resistance to work your arms and legs harder.

Using the reformer may also improve your co-ordination. Regular sessions work on strengthening your core, which in turn improves performance when playing sports or doing other types of exercise.

How to Breath Properly

The focus on breathing in reformer Pilates means that many people who do it find that they learn for the first time how to breathe properly. This not only helps generally in leading a healthier life but also with sports performance. This is another reason that Pilates is popular with sportsmen and women and athletes.

A Long and Lean Body

Many people find that their clothes start to fit and hang better on their frame once they have done Pilates for while. This is due to improved posture and the impact of Pilates on the body, which tends to create a long and lean appearance. This is one reason why reformer Pilates is so popular with celebrities.






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